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Rum no. Five

Rum no. Five

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We have made anthems for the dancefloor for 25 years and we still devotedly do so, as we’re sure, you already know.

However 8 years ago our passion for rum plunged us into creating a rum brand of our own and we have progressively become more and more ambitious in our search for the ultimate sipping rum.

As the name suggests, this is the fifth rum created by us and yes, there has been a Rum no. One, Two, Three and Four prior to this Rum no. Five. 

Produced in proud nations such as Guyana, Dominican Republic and Guatemala, we have made exclusive blends – even with the addition of cognac cask or infusing the rum with coconut and orange.

With this, The Infernal Rum no. Five, however, we have cut to the bone and chosen a classic, exquisite Guatemalan rum and we have kept it clean and simple.

It is based on molasses, resulting in a classic, approachable rum to begin with. Then – to add character and complexity, it has aged tropically for four years on American Bourbon casks – maintaining and enhancing the natural sweetness and fulness while letting the cask add layers to both the scent and flavour.

The humidity of the tropics accelerates the aging and when the angel share has evaporated, you are left with a perfectly balanced, smooth sipping rum with a beautiful, deep golden amber colour.

On the nose you will first find brown sugar, a bit of spices, caramel fudge, vanilla and prune. Beyond that there are hints of leather and dark chokolate.

On the palate it is at for a quick moment suprisingly slender and mineral - then the experience unfolds and you will find notes of burnt sugar, spices, toffee, vanilla and after that hints of coffee, ripe, dark berries and almonds. 

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Double Limited Vinyl Edition including booklet with unique images, lyrics and photos.

A must have fan collector item!